Disabled Refuge Systems are provided in a safe area within a building for mobility impaired occupants or residents (a refuge area). A disabled refuge system will allow those most at risk of a hazard within a building to safely exit by calling for assistance.

Current fire safety legislation states that it is the responsibility of the managers of a building that disabled persons should be able to evacuate a building without relying upon intervention by the emergency services. An employer or service provider not making provisions for safe evacuation could be at risk of discrimination or negligence. A risk assessment of your premises will determine if a disabled refuge system is required. Should the emergency services be required, however, it is important that they are able to easily communicate.

At SAFE Alert Systems, our disabled refuge systems can provide hands free emergency voice communications between those in a refuse and building control or the emergency services. It is a legal requirement that at least one disabled refuge system is installed per disabled refuge area.

A disabled refuge alarm or call point is the most important system for safeguarding those under your care most at risk of a hazardous environment.

If your building has been determined as requiring one or multiple disabled refuge systems, our dedicated team can provide a no obligation assessment and quote at your convenience. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Disabled Refuge Systems