About us

As one of the premier installers and providers of security systems in the North of England, SAFE Alert Systems pride ourselves on being able to offer a range of services and products with exemplary customer care.

Based in York and operating across the United Kingdom, we always aim to supply all of our customers with products at an affordable price and with the service one would expect from an independent company.

We work with our customers throughout the process, from initial consultation up to the final handover, and our dedicated team are always on hand to field your queries or meet the needs of a challenging brief.

The benefits of security and alert systems are numerous, and the advances in technology in recent years have made even the most advanced security measures available to businesses and homeowners. Our previous customers have installed systems to take advantage of numerous benefits.

– Protect your premises and property from theft
– Manage your site remotely
– Protect yourself from liability claims
– Ensure personal and employee safety